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Setting Up Christmas Without Mess Or Stress [Organizing]

Face it, as Christmas grew larger in your life, or as your family did, Christmas became more and more of a Project to execute. Getting a tree, setting it up, decorating it and throwing a few decorations around the house – that was yesterday. Today your life is much more complicated and if you don’t watch it, Christmas becomes a messy stress.

Putting decorations away-2

But preparing for Christmas, from getting out the decorations to setting up the Christmas tree, doesn’t need to be a series of stressful, cluttered, jumbled days. If you have put away all or even just some of your Christmas decorations organized in boxes, setting up Christmas will be an easy thing to do this year.

If your Christmas decorations are not organized at all – no problem; you can still follow along the lines of our Christmas decorations organization. Watch out for the notes!

Count The Weeks

Take basic inventory. How many Christmas boxes do you have? 4? 8? 10? If you’re a family and you’ve been doing for a couple of years, you’ll likely have between 8 and 12 boxes. At least.

2010-01-09 15-30-42

Or; how many zones do you have that need to be Christmas-ized? Entrance, kitchen, room, bedroom. Bathroom?

Or; roughly how many types of Christmas stuff do you have? Christmas items to hang, to stand. Christmas decorations for the tree. Maybe Christmas dishes for the kitchen, right?

Don’t forget the tree, setting it up and decorating it. If you have a permanent, artificial Christmas tree you’re set for that. If you need to buy a tree, add one number to your list.

You’re now going to have a number.

This is the number of weeks before Christmas that you have to start putting your Christmas decorations out.

Add 2: one for unforeseen circumstances, one because you don’t want to finish the week of Christmas itself.

Why so many weeks? No matter what you do in your daily life, the chance that you have every day, all day to decorate your house for Christmas is very, very remote. Highly unlikely. So you work, have a job, paid or not. Family things to do and look after. You’re not going to want to decorate from 6 PM to 10 PM. And once it’s Christmas and you may have some free days – you don’t want to use your free days to “work” again, do you?

That means that in (relaxed) reality, you’ll be using either a day in the weekend or a few odd moments during the week to put that week’s Christmas items out. Goes smooth and almost automatically. You’ll see :)

Christmas One Week At A Time

Take one box out. Not more. Never more than one at a time.

Bring the box to where it is handy for you to work. This can be a table in a dining room, the kitchen counter, even the floor.

If you followed our Christmas Organization you know what’s in the box and are putting out precisely what you intended to put out.

Put out the items that you like. Maybe you have so many Christmas decorations that it’s a good idea to rotate them yearly – but putting them all out is good too; Christmas comes only once a year and not nearly enough in a lifetime!

2007 12 22 022-1

Often you’ll find that it’s easier to decorate your home by removing the other, common decorations and items that take their place all year round.

Simply take those other items and put them in the current Christmas box you’re working on.

If you’re not organized yet, or this box isn’t organized yet, decide what you want to put in this box and label the box already as such (see: Putting Christmas Decorations Away). Once it’s time to put the Christmas things away you’ll know what’s going to go where.

Wrap It Up

  • Count how many boxes or bags of Christmas items you have to go through in order for Christmas to be ready for you
  • That’s how many weeks before Christmas you have to start. Add at least 2 more; one week for unforeseen circumstances, one week because you don’t want to work during Christmas
  • Take out one box or bag of Christmas decorations at a time. No more
  • Put things you want gone for the Christmas days in the same box as the Christmas decorations that replace them came from
  • Once you’re done with a box, move on to the next
  • Work a little every day, every week; or work in the weekend every week