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Free Christmas MP3’s to Download

Free music is hard to come by, right? And free legal music even harder.

But as Christmas approaches you want to listen to Christmas music. And again, the same problems present itself; free Christmas music is hard to come by, free legal Christmas MP3’s even harder. The ability to download free christmas songs seems to be the one thing you cannot ask for during Christmas.

Or is it?

Download Free Christmas Music

This year Joy of Christmas presents you with over 35 free Christmas MP3’s. To put that into perspective; that’s equal to a premium double CD of Christmas music.

We believe everyone should be able to join in the true spirit of the Christmas experience. And that experience includes the classic hits of Christmas music. To download? Yes. For free? Yes.

As an Amazon Christmas Affiliate we’re able to provide you free, legal, Christmas MP3’s to download for personal use. Without Amazon Joy of Christmas would not be able to provide this level of service.

Christmas MP3 Download FAQ

• Do I have to buy anything?
– No. Download free Christmas music to your computer and that’s it.

• Are these Christmas songs legal to download?
– Yes. These Amazon hosted MP3’s were uploaded by the artist who has worldwide distribution rights to the song.

• The Download Now button doesn’t seem to work.
– Right-click on the button and choose Save Target As.. or Save Link As…

• The download works but where is my Christmas music?
– It is possible that your software MP3 players open the file right away and starts playing it. If this is the case, right-click on the download button and choose Save Target As.. or Save Link As…

Where are the free Christmas MP3’s?

There are so many Christmas songs in our growing library of free Christmas music that we had to spread them out over several pages.

The songs are listed in no particular order.

Free Christmas MP3’s (1)
Free Christmas MP3’s (2)
Free Christmas MP3’s (3)
Free Christmas MP3’s (4)

Christmas Music – Free MP3 “download”

Free MP3 Christmas songs are a big hit right now.

Well, right now — they’ve always been.

Ever since we started listing our collection of legal MP3 free Christmas downloads in 2005 it’s been the most popular page on the site, year after year.

In that time the landscape has changed a lot though. It used to be quite difficult to get some really nice legal Christmas music for free back then. And let’s face it, although we’re talking recession now, us folks have always needed to watch the penny, right? Even if you don’t have to; investing a couple of hundred dollars in a Christmas music collection you’re obviously using just once a year is… well, needed but a painful expense, right? Right.

Nowadays things are different though. You have our non-stop Christmas stations, radio stations that switch to Christmas mucis… and Internet radio.

Also, going back as far as 2005, we listed Internet “radio” stations streaming free Christmas music.

These days you can even get custom stations. For example, head on over to’s Christmas music stream for hour upon hour of free Christmas music.

Of course these stations never play the music in the order you prefer. There’s no way to rewind and listen to a track again or simply start listening to your favorite Christmas tune right away.

Or is there?

Here’s a frugal Christmastip: switch on a streaming Christmas music station and use software to record the music stream.

A 100% free solution is Screamer Radio which plays and records MP3 stations. In-between, if you go with their paid version, is StationRipper. We prefer Audio Radio Recorder from Blaze Audio. It’s usually around 80-100 bucks (get a price on but we use it not only to record Christmas MP3’s but year round.

As long as it’s for noncommercial reasons, recording streaming Christmas MP3’s is legal. They’re free MP3 Christmas download streams, unprotected against copying. As you don’t attempt to “circumvent copy protection systems” section 1008 applies: “No action may be brought […] based on the noncommercial use by a consumer of such a device or medium for making digital musical recordings or analog musical recordings.”