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Christmas Crackers

That’s just too cool! I was in the supermarket today to pick up some croissants when my eyes were drawn to a tower of “holiday” Crackers (hey, remember, these folks have a hard time saying “Christmas”…).

2 Packages of Christmas Ritz & Christie crackersI’m not sure these haven’t been around longer but it’s the first time I see them.

The Christie Holiday Christmas Crackers are the most fun. In the box are crackers in 4 different shapes: Christmas tree, a bell, a snowman, and Santa Claus.

The Ritz Holiday Christmas Crackers are in the shape of a snowflake.

They were on a 50% discount special here so I picked up a bunch of boxes.

Of course to be festive you don’t need commercial, pre-packaged Christmas snacks:

Diamond-studded cake is $1.7m Christmas treat

A diamond-studded Christmas cake went on sale at Takashimaya department store in Tokyo this week for $1.7m (about £970,000).

The cake, whose 223 diamonds include a 5-carat stone in the shape of a heart, has reportedly attracted several inquiries from prospective buyers.

It took Jeong Hong-yong, a Tokyo pastry chef, six months to design the marzipan-covered fruitcake and another month to make it.

The less well off, meanwhile, will have to make do with a traditional Japanese Christmas cake, a sponge with strawberries and cream that is usually eaten on December 24.