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Police: Santa Violates City Code – Threatens Fine

The owners of the Daytona Beach store LaBosco has been warned by code enforcement police officers that if they allow Santa Claus to leave the store to walk outside, they will be fined.

The police considers the Santa Claus a form of animated sign solicitation which would be a violation of city code.

“Santa Claus is not an animated figure standing out there on the street. He’s a real person, and he’s communicating and bringing some spirit down here that we need so badly.

They want to take something away from the children. I wonder if the city is going to have a Christmas parade — maybe Santa should not be on the Christmas parade or none of this parade should happen.

It’s ridiculous. Next, they’re going to take away our freedom of speech. It’s unfair and it’s unacceptable.”
— Sheila LaBosco, LaBosco Manager

Latest report have it that police are backing down from their Santa Claus threats.