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Caroling Girl Scouts Banned For Being “Health and Safety Risk”

For more than a decade to the group of little girls in the UK has been singing for pensioners at the special late-night Christmas shopping event.

Not this year…

This year Carol singing brownies from the Girl Guiding UK West Herts division have been banned for being a “health and safety risk”…

“It’s such a shame because the girls enjoy the singing and the elderly people like seeing them.
“It’s a long tradition and has always been a good opportunity for the girls to give some service to the community.”

We weren’t even told that we couldn’t attend. I went to ask what date it was and that’s when I found out.”
— Gill Oxtoby, Division commissioner

The shopping center’s management says that the new Christmas tree position outside surrounded by a number of trade stalls means there is no place for the group of hundred singing girls.

After consideration the management is willing to accept no more than 20 girls, something the leaders of Girl Guiding UK West Herts division find unfair to the others.