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Where to buy Santa suits?

You probably don’t know this nor would you guess it, but one of the hardest things for Santa Claus every year is buying clothes. It’s not like you can walk into just any store and say “give me a pair of red trousers and the hat to go with it.”

And those times that you do find a Santa Claus costume it’s usually one for kids whereas, as we all know, Santa Claus needs an adult Santa Claus costume. And to make things worse, searching for “adult Santa Claus suit” at times leads to places where Santa rather doesn’t go.

Fortunately for you and I – because who would want to see Santa Claus in a pair of jeans? – there’s a great place on the web to buy Santa suits:

There are well over 30 suits on Most of these are your traditional Santa Claus suits.

We did spot two rather odd ones: they’re blue! And unfortunately there was one “adult” costume. Nothing bad but it’s a theme you don’t easily associate with Christmas.

Now, as there aren’t a lot of Santa Clauses around the world, and so his clothes can’t be mass-produced, prices can get rather steep. But fortunately for Santa, who also feels t Yahe recession, there’s also an economy Santa suit.

economy Santa suit

That’s good too because some of these suits are really very pricey. I would go as far as saying expensive. I have the idea that a good number of them are aimed more at public appearances than one-off in-house appearances. And war is if your job is Santa Claus a good suit is a good investment.

Most costumes come with the basics with a lot of extras being available elsewhere on the site. There is for instance a Santa belly…

In all, and this really is the most important thing, the Santa suits are very convincing. They don’t look like cheap rip-offs which merely hint at what they’re supposed to be. If you have kids or work with them you’ll appreciate what I mean :-)

Now as for the actual quality of the suits I can’t say much. I’ve seen them on the website and haven’t tried them myself. That said, while researching the company I haven’t found any indication of malpractice: in fact, when you do find something written about buycostumes it’s in the positive. People tend to be very, very satisfied both with the product and the service.

As a specialty costume maker buycostumes also provides other costumes, such as Halloween costumes. Taking that into account, that buycostumes makes it money solely from specialty costumes, I feel comfortable reviewing the site in the positive.