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Dewey the Library Cat – Perfect Christmas Book Gift

Dewey is a special cat; you could almost say a miracle cat.

Librarians one morning found him in the returned book chute, almost frozen stiff.

They brought him in and gently defrosted him.

Grateful for his life Dewey didn’t want to leave the library. And, as it turned out he didn’t have to either.

The head librarian lobbied for and finally received permission to keep Dewey in the library.

He became a fixture. He would attend the weekly meetings and in the morning he would greet early visitors right at the front door.

Some people became so and there was him they wanted to check them out, just like a book!

“Dewey never left the library. He was a come-visit-me cat.

I always knew he could be famous. I knew he was special.

Dewey always surprised me. I’ve learned that his magic was going to go on, and it did. Dewey always took care of me, and he still is.

Dewey’s eyes were very, very special. They said volumes.”
— author Vicki Myron

As it goes, people talk. And those people talk to other people. Pretty soon became a local celebrity, then the statement celebrity… then national television arrived… and finally even a Japanese movie company. He even starred on calendars.

But all good things must end. Especially when you’re suffering from bad health…

The book starts with the defrosting of the cat, the warming of our hearts. It ends with a Kleenex box of tears and to look in the rearview mirror of what small-town America used to be.

Dewey the library cat is an absolute must as a Christmas gift. It’s the perfect book for animal offers, a thoughtful gift for readers. It’s worth every word, every read, every time: this is one book you’ll want to read again.