About Joy of Christmas

I love, love, the Christmas season. I don’t know where you live so I don’t know what rings a bell… but… the darkness of Winter, the cold bite of frost in the air, the music, the traditions, the anticipation

Somehow Christmas, to me, seems about a better Time, be it now or in the past.

I love that time.

I love that life.

Christmas can’t start early enough for me…

Joy of Christmas was born in 2005 to do something with that anticipation, that desire, that thrill. For 3 years the byline of the site was “The Thrill is Yours”. It is, isn’t it?

Where some complain about Christmas beginning earlier and earlier I, we, celebrate it, revel in it. The build-up, the anticipation only gets better.

Joy of Christmas means to share the Joy, the Anticipation, the Magic that is Christmas.

We only have a couple of them to go, Christmasses…. let’s make them count.

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