Wreaths Across America Ceremonies To Honor Veterans

One of the more emotional Christmas traditions, I find, is the one performed December 13 where “Wreaths Across America” will place remembrance wreaths on veteran memorials and grave sites across the US nation in tribute to the courage and sacrifice of those who have guarded our Freedom; a Freedom which includes the chance to celebrate a Christian holiday.

Wreaths Across America has grown over the years but came from the idea and persistence of just one man, the owner of Worcester Wreath Co. He and the company still pay for the majority of the wreaths.

Barbie in a Christmas Carol

Christmas movies are easy to review: Barbie Christmas movies, of which this is the first ever, even more so. The goodwill is apparent both in the Christmas spirit and the traditional Barbie goodness.

But don’t take an adult’s word for it: my 10 year old daughter simple loved it.

For this review we have video, the trailer, an audio interview with Barbie and free Barbie Christmas Carol wallpaper.

Christmas Music – Free MP3 “download”

Christmas music is an essential ingredient for a cozy, warm, Christmas season.

No need to buy expensive CD collections or cheap cover versions of the real thing. Tune your computer into a Christmas jukebox and legally record these classic Christmas MP3 downloads.

Marines Helping Santa

The Marine Corps Reserve has distributed about 130 collection boxes throughout Marion County at businesses, organizations and government agencies.

The Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots campaign officially kicked off Oct. 15.

Donated Christmas Lights “Too Dangerous”

Without Christmas lights since 2002 things were starting to look bright again when the neighboring town was able to donate their Christmas lights to the little English town. But “too dangerous” said the inspectors.
Now businessmen are taking it on themselves to get the town Christmas lights. Total cost at least US$7000.

Dewey the Library Cat – Perfect Christmas Book Gift

“Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World” is to cats what “Marley & Me” is to dogs: the heart warming sense of recognition of human-animal emotion, the confirmation we’re not alone in feeling The Bond.

Dewey serves a second story though; one of storytelling small town USA as it disappears.

Dewey’s a must-have book in my opinion. One of those reads that really add something to your life.

Study Show Christmas Shopping Health Risk

It’s the age of fear and everything is bad for your health. That includes Christmas shopping. British research has shown that stress levels can rise so fast, so high that they cause serious health problems.

What is the most popular christmas gift this year?

In the age of data collection finding the right gift for your son or daughter can’t be easier. Use the list of top wishes as compiled by the US national retail Federation to find out what your boy or girl really wants. Modern as life may be, you might be surprised by some of these items…

Novelty Christmas Gifts on the Cheap

Finding just the right Christmas present is always difficult, especially so in small towns where everbody knows everything that’s for sale everywhere. Here’s a unique, doable way to give authentic novelty Christmas gifts on the “cheap”!

Trees for Troops

Thousands of volunteers will work together with FedEx’s special nationwide program which aims to collect, transport and distribute over 16 thousand Christmas trees to more than 45 US military bases around the world.

7 Year Old with Heart of Gold Rides with Santa

After giving freely of her own gifts and writing Santa a wonderful letter, this 7 year old girl gets to ride with Santa and his elves!

Frugal German Shoppers Get More Frugal

The world’s 3rd biggest economy has slipped so far into a recession that 1 in 3 German shoppers indicate they’ll lower their Christmas spending this year with a quarter spending less than $125

Thiefs Steal Santa Claus

He costs well over $1000, weights ‘a ton’ and measure 9 foot. Still, Santa is missing. Santa’s statue that is. Police officers saw him pass by though. The lowdown on a heinous crime.

Where to buy Santa suits?

Buy adult Santa Claus costumes review Everybody needs to look fine at Christmas time and Santa Claus is not exception. But where can Santa shop for the finest, reddest, softest clothes? The Gap is out of the question…

Does Santa Claus Exist?

Every parent dreads the question we all one day have to face: does Santa Claus exist?

It’s a question that in the end torments many a child’s mind — and maybe some of us adults too, no?

But seriously, the questions of Santa’s existence need not be a problem at all. It’s not a question of faith, of believe: we have recorded, US government certified, documented proof to answer the question “does Santa Claus exist”.

I’ll lift a tip of the veil… the answer is a resounding YES!

Christmas blooms at garden stores

Ed Holden, owner of Potters, a chain of popular garden centres in the Langley and south Surrey areas, began the Christmas transformation at his new 27,000-square-foot store at the corner of 192nd Street and 48th Avenue in September. This store is now the largest Christmas store in Western Canada. It has become a destination for […]

Christmas Shoppers Watching Their Wallets This Holiday Season

The Christmas spirit is alive here in Southwest Louisiana but many shoppers are watching their wallets due to recent downturns in the economy. ” It’s one of our concerns, the economy this year but so far we haven’t see anything yet,” said Jonathan Primeaux. ” I think they are being more cautious with their money, […]

Even Toytown is feeling the crunch this Christmas

In the UK too we have just 67 days to go until Christmas. That statistic is as likely to shrink as the revenue retailers will be able to squeeze from Christmas this year. The Toy Retailers Association (TRA) launched Christmas shopping season officially this week with “Dream Toys”. The annual industry event showcases what they […]

Angel Tree Program

Every year we receive a lot of email asking about the Angel Tree program while there are in fact two: the Angel Tree prison fellowship and the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program.

Fee increase for Christmas trees

The Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forest (GMUG) is proposing a fee increase for Christmas tree permits that are sold. “We have worked hard to keep this increase to a minimum, to cover the administrative costs and still allow a family to cut their own tree from the forest” remarked Charlie Richmond forest supervisor. […]

No money for Pinner Christmas

THE future of Christmas celebrations in Pinner is in jeopardy as businesses struggle to fund the event. The annual Pinner Pantomime evening has been running for years, paid for by traders and the Pinner Association, but recently organisers have been struggling with donations. If the event goes ahead there will be Christmas lights in High […]

Letters from Santa Delivered from the North Pole

Salt Lake City based business Women of Wisdom, Inc. launches www.SantaSaid.com in an effort to add a special element to the Christmas season for your child. Every year thousands of adults across the world buy personalized letters from Santa for the children that they love. This year, the letters that are purchased can put a […]

As the Leaves Change, Holiday Ads Arrive

BEGINNING to look a lot like Christmas? Heck, for consumers, it has been looking that way for more than a month. Some marketers are already running advertisements for — and posting content on Web sites about — merchandise, entertainment and other offerings related to the holiday season. Trees, theater tickets, holiday trips, porcelain Nativity scenes, […]

Spirit of Christmas applications are available

Once again, the Louisiana Press-Journal and NECAC will sponsor the Spirit of Christmas to make the season a little brighter for some lower-income families. Applications are ready to be picked up at the NECAC family service division during regular business hours from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. “Applications are lengthy and require […]

The Machine Shop helping those in need

When you think of the Machine Shop in Flint, you probably think of live bands, large crowds and fun times. But, now you can add generosity into the mix. The Machine Shop, along with some well known bands, will work to raise money, awareness and “hair” for some needy charities. On Friday, September 26, Nuroksol, […]