Free Christmas CD Single

Where would the Joy of Christmas be without Christmas music?

It’s for that very reason that this year we provide an extensive selection of free Christmas music; over 35 tracks, the equivalent to a premium double CD filled with Christmas songs.

But as if that isn’t enough we give away the complete christmas CD single White Christmas/The Christmas Song by Roomful of Blues!

The 1996 two-track CD single White Christmas/The Christmas Song was described by one downloader as;

“If you’re putting together a Christmas compilation from the many freebies available here (bless you all), this would have to be the best.

It has a great version of the must-have White Christmas. The slow, falsetto intro works fine for me, then the bluesy swing kicks in, in a different but perfectly natural rendition of a great song.”

So, there you go – our Christmas gift to you!

The Christmas Song by Roomful of Blues

White Christmas by Roomful of Blues

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