Thiefs Steal Santa Claus

Well, Santa is gone. Which is kind of a hard feat because Santa in this case is a 9 foot high statue. It disappeared Friday night.

With the Watts family out of town Friday night the 9 foot resin statue of Santa clause disappeared. When they report that the statue is missing a police officer of the Schaumburg Police Department reported that it seems then that strapped to the roof of the Jeep Cherokee.

It would take at least two people to lift the statue; it’s quite heavy and quite bulky. The statue is valued at at least $1000.

“He’s huge. He’s big around. He’s got a sack of toys on his back and he’s a big boy.

I’m just sad that someone stole Santa. Christmas isn’t about Santa Claus. It’s about love and family and Jesus’ birthday.”
— Mr. Watts

The family has been putting their Christmastide shouts for the plastic spheres. Neighborhood children have their picture taken with it.

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