Merry Christmas makes a comeback

“Merry Christmas!” It’s a greeting that’s making a comeback.

At Hewlett and Dunn, a Western store on Collierville’s square, that’s not just a salutation, it’s statement in response to the use of Happy Holiday’s by many retailers. Donna Buckner is proud to take a stand. “That’s something, you don’t touch that. It’s sacred. It’s about Christ and you need to leave it alone,” she said.

The store is running ads promoting the use of Merry Christmas and handing out pins.

Say “Merry Christmas” and you get five percent off. Customers like Dorree Smith like it. “I appreciate what they’re doing because they’re saying ‘yeah, this is what it is, it’s Christmas and we say Merry Christmas,'” she said.

Last year, retailers like Target and Wal-Mart replaced Merry Christmas with Happy Holidays and in some cases banned employees from using the phrase.

But after boycotts this year, many have brought Christmas back.

Smith says retailers felt the pinch. “All of a sudden it hurts them and they say ‘well, ok, maybe that’s not what the average person thinking that way and they change that because they want them to shop there,” she said.

A statement from Wal-Mart read, “we learned a lesson from that. Merry Christmas is now part of the vocabulary here at Wal-Mart.”

Those who are pro-“Happy Holidays” say it’s meant to not be offensive to anyone and point out it’s been around for a long time. Those who are pro-Christmas say it took on a life of its own when things like Christmas trees suddenly became Holiday trees.

That spurred the so called “War on Christmas” which may be over or at least under a cease fire.

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