Letters from Santa Delivered from the North Pole

Salt Lake City based business Women of Wisdom, Inc. launches www.SantaSaid.com in an effort to add a special element to the Christmas season for your child.

Every year thousands of adults across the world buy personalized letters from Santa for the children that they love. This year, the letters that are purchased can put a smile on more faces than just the faces of the children receiving them. Women of Wisdom, Inc. has launched their website www.santasaid.com and is committing 10% of net profits to the purchase gifts for children who may otherwise not have a visit from Santa Claus. The donations will go directly to their nonprofit website www.give2others.org and will be directed towards making Christmas a happy occasion for children in need.

Santa Said was created by moms for parents. Santa letters are personalized letters from Santa and delivered directly from the North Pole. Each letter from Santa is personalized with the child’s name, about their accomplishments, and gifts from their wish list. All information and payment information is confidential and will not be sold.

Christmas is a magical and fun time for each child and creating new Christmas memories is one of the best ways to carry on a tradition that will last a lifetime. Santa Said creates a personalized letter from Santa that is mailed directly from the North Pole. Each letter is created on holiday themed paper and includes information personal to your child.

Women of Wisdom Inc. found that many other sites offering Santa Letters did not keep your child’s information private and secure. They understand how important this is and that your personal information should be protected at all times. Their website does not sell or otherwise release any of your or your child’s information. It is their goal to provide a safe secure environment for parents, friends, and relatives to know that by ordering www.santasaid.com that the child’s personal information and safety is their top priority. Create a special memory for years to come by sending a personalized letter from Santa Claus from Santa Said.

The Santa Claus Letter can be ordered from www.santasaid.com. Each letter is only $5.00, you can also order the letter on a puzzle for an additional $5.00. The website is safe and secure.

Santa Said also donates 10% of the profits directly to charity. It is so important to give back and to purchase products and services from companies or entities that continually give back to our communities and to those who are in need. The spirit of Christmas is alive and well.

Women of Wisdom, Inc. is a business run by women, mothers, aunts, and more. They pride themselves on offering quality products and opportunities to those around them. Their passion is life and family, this shows through in everything that they do. Stay tuned for more exciting news from Women of Wisdom, Inc. in the future.

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