Is it ever too early for Christmas?

Christmas is coming whether you like it or not. And with it comes the songs, the lights, the trees and the advertisements that will bombard us from now until Dec. 25.
The hype seems to start earlier every year, to the point where stores still have Halloween decorations out when the holiday cards and icicle lights make an appearance.
“It’s certainly a sign of the times,” says Mark Doherty, executive director of the Downtown Business Improvement Area (DBIA).
“I have noticed in the past few years decorations going up even before Halloween. That to me is way too early.”
As a father of six children between the ages of 22 months and 14 years, Mr. Doherty says he prefers a more traditional approach. His family puts up the tree and decorations a week before Christmas.
“Kids get bombarded by TV way to early,” he says.
“It just creates such a hype.”
Mr. Doherty says many store and business owners decorate early because they rely heavily on Christmas season sales.
The DBIA and Peterborough Public Works are responsible for decorating the city’s downtown (the holiday flags and wreaths on lampposts.)
This year decorations went up on Sunday, Nov. 12. Mr. Doherty says it usually happens mid to late-November.
“We have to work within their [public works] schedule,” says Mr. Doherty.
He explains that it’s easier to get the decorations up when weather conditions are mild and city workers aren’t busy clearing away snow.
Lansdowne Place mall manager Rob Arkell says they always put decorations up on Nov. 12.
“I just like to wait to get Remembrance Day over, out of respect for the veterans,” he says.
He says it’s up to each store to decide when, or if, they decorate for the season or play holiday music.
“I’ve never had a complaint,” says Mr. Arkell when asked if customers mind the early start.
“But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.”
Debbie McKeller and her co-worker Lorraine Yaxley say it bothers them when they see signs of Christmas sprout up in early November.
“It’s too early,” explains Ms McKeller.
“I don’t think they should start until at least the 20th of November.”
Ms Yaxley says too much too soon takes away from the actual holiday.
“You just get tired of looking at it,” she adds.
David Van DerVecht, 22, is a “devout atheist.” He isn’t offended by Christmas music or decorations, but says he finds it annoying.
“I don’t think it’s about religion,” he says.
“Actually, I think the religion aspect is one of the more honourable aspects about it. I just can’t stand the music, everywhere, all the time.”
For others, when it comes to Christmas, earlier is better.
Shianne Reynolds’ home on Charlotte Street stands out; it’s one of the few on the street already decorated for the season.
The 25-year-old lives with her sister Tashanna. Between them, they have six children under nine years of age in the house.
“It’s for them,” she says, explaining that they usually start holiday crafts and put up decorations together by Nov. 1.
“It’s never too early for Christmas,” she says laughing.
“It only comes once a year!”

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