Christmas Tradition Continues

One tree in Lubbock has been called many things over the years from the Tree of Joy to the Tree of Hope and even the Tree of Inspiration but it’s most commonly known as “The Tree of Life” and it’s creator Jeff Mills says it’s become a tradition here in Lubbock.

“A lot of people tell me that it’s just not Christmas until they see the tree,” says Mills.

The tree has been wowing audiences for over a decade and this year there’s an all time high number of lights.

“There’s 500 strands of 100 lights,” Jeff said.

That equals 50,000 lights and Jeff says it takes him a while, “It averages out about 5 hours a day for 3 weeks and I start about October and Finish somewhere around the 1st of December.”

He added, “I started about 15 years ago when my grandmother gave me all of her lights, I started just kind just wrapping the trunk – and the next year I put some more up and then it got to 20-thousand then 25 and 30 until we got to 50-thousand.”

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