Christmas Shoppers Watching Their Wallets This Holiday Season

The Christmas spirit is alive here in Southwest Louisiana but many shoppers are watching their wallets due to recent downturns in the economy.

” It’s one of our concerns, the economy this year but so far we haven’t see anything yet,” said Jonathan Primeaux.

” I think they are being more cautious with their money, they’re not spending like they use to. We don’t know if there is going to be a hurricane next year and people are just trying to spend less and be prepared for items they need instead of things you want,” said Nancy Jordan.

” Going more with like clothes versus toys because we need them just by how the economy is,” said Elise Queenan.

Lake Charles residents are getting a head start on their christmas shopping but don’t let their bags fool you.

” Spending less since we had two new babies in the family,” said Queenan.

” Our families are planning to spend less this year. We just feel like we don’t need anything, we are just blessed to have our health,” said Jordan.

” I think everyone will cut back this year,” said Fran Bice.

” It’s going to impact some of the businesses but it won’t slow them down too much,” said Primeaux.

Even though shoppers are spending less this holiday season, these shoppers say they will spend more of their money to support local businesses.

” Helping our local people more than these big corporations. We are helping them by buying the stuff they have made,” said Queenan.

” Not only does it promote the local business and promote the economy here in town but also to get people out and get in the holiday spirit and promote and good cause,” said Ginger Webb.

Whether they spend more or less money this season, Christmas will always be a special holiday here in the lake area

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