Christmas revellers to spend 31 million on taxis

Christmas partygoers across the country will spend 31 million on taking taxis home this year, a study claimed today.

The figures are based on research carried out in the UK in October which revealed that seasonal revellers there will fork out one billion on cabs.

The study by budget hotel chain Travelodge found that 96% of UK workers will spend an average of $32 on taxis home from office parties this Christmas. [The Party Planner]

The researchers allowed for a lower average taxi spend in Ireland and calculated that if 96% of the working population each spend an average of $17, they will face a bill of more than 31 million.

Travelodge has three hotels in Dublin and four more in Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford.

In Northern Ireland, Travelodge has a presence in Belfast and in Derry.

Travelodge Ireland director Seamus McGowan claimed the party season could be a lot easier on people’s wallets this Christmas if they stay in a budget hotel.

“People are always looking at ways to save money at Christmas and dread the often long and cold wait for a taxi after enjoying the office party.

“It also means that people can get a few valuable extra hours sleep and enjoy the party for that bit longer.”

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