Christmas House Tour being brought back to benefit senior center

After a three-year hiatus, the Abington Christmas House Tour may be brought back this December to help fund the future Abington Senior Center.

Ann Reilly, long-time Abington resident who helped begin the tour 13 years ago, said the committee is anxious to bring the fundraiser back to the town provided there are enough volunteers to make it work as successfully as it has in the past.Reilly said she hopes anyone interested in being involved will attend an informational meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 14, 7 p.m. in the Copeland Room at the Burton Wales Library.

In order for the town to qualify for a grant from the state to assist in building the proposed Senior Center, the town has to come up with matching funds, said Reilly. “The senior citizens have paid taxes in Abington all their lives and have worked tirelessly for many other projects that have improved the town, such as the library and town hall,” said Reilly. “It’s their turn to reap the benefits. They need a place where they can gather and be social. They’ve earned it.” Abington is one of the few towns on the South Shore without a Senior Center.

The Christmas House Tour was originally started by a group of local women to raise money for construction of the new town library. Since then, Christmas House Tours have also raised money for Abington’s Millennium Memorial – the new all-weather track and bandstand. Each tour has raised over $20,000.

This year’s tour would include up to five homes, with a reception where ticket holders can gather for hot beverages and desserts. Reilly said as many as 100 volunteers are needed to plan and decorate. “The seniors are so willing to help wherever they can, from serving on committees, to selling tickets and baking for the reception. They want this to happen as much as we do, and they’re willing to work for it.” added Reilly.

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