Barbie still on Christmas list

As we all know, Christmas comes around every year. It doesn’t change, and neither does a child’s Santa list.
Over the past several years, the once popular Barbie, a 1959 production, has lost its spunk with the little girls.
I’ve got one of the first Barbie’s (that dates me I guess), and still to this day I usually get a Barbie for Christmas.
Several years ago, Barbie and Ken split up. (I’ve got Ken also) That was a little too much. Why couldn’t they have been the couple that stayed together through thick and thin?
I recently read where Barbie is the top toy for girls this holiday season. That’s great.
Walking down the toy aisles at the retail stores, the other dolls have nothing in comparison with Barbie. In my opinion, the other dolls are ugly and have no class as the Barbie doll does.
Through the years, the look of Barbie has changed. Her eyes have gotten bigger and her clothes go with the current fashion trend.
Her slick, thin appearance, with those blue eyes and blonde hair have remained.
There are all types of Barbies now. The tanned beach one to the rock star, teacher, presidential candidate and popular holiday Barbie.
Barbie has been produced in 45-plus nationalities. That is awesome.
In my collection, I’ve got about every outfit there was to have for my doll. The clothing for Barbie back in my day was a lot more tedious and showy.
My Barbie and Ken in their wedding outfits can’t be beat. I haven’t seen them dressed up like that for many years, but the exquisite detail to Barbie’s wedding gown is etched in my mind.
The popular holiday ornaments of Barbie are also something I collect. Most have Barbie sporting one of her back-in-the-day outfits, ones that I have in my collection.
This year’s regular holiday Barbie is gorgeous. I’ve paused several times in the Barbie aisle admiring the doll.
It wouldn’t be hard to guess one thing I want for Christmas, a Barbie. I’m still young at heart and will always cherish the doll.

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