Donated Christmas Lights “Too Dangerous”

The English town of West by Fleet has bitten without Christmas light since 2002. But this year’s things would be different. The walking borrow counsel last week pulled down that it has spare Christmas lights that it wants to donate.

But close inspection shows that the Christmas lights are “too dangerous” to install. The town’s business Association can have them, but would have to pay for their “repair”.

We do have some Christmas lights, which are surplus to our requirements.

“We would be very happy to donate them to the West Byfleet Business Association at no cost, provided it can ensure that they meet safety standards.

The town businessman has now taken it upon themselves to light up the city themselves. They have received what they call an acceptable quote from a contractor that wants to sell the lights and install them.

The Christmas lights will cost a little over US$2000. Installing them will be whopping $5000.

The lights should last for seven or eight years so they will get a good run. Hopefully, from now on we can build on the lights we have, year on year.

We are looking for people or businesses to sponsor the lights. There are three or four in the pipeline so hopefully people will come forward. All the local council representatives have been very good, which is positive. We are grateful for the support they have given us.

If all goes to plan, we could see the lights up by the start of next month so now we are just waiting to see. It will be a boost for the businesses in the village to have the lights.

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