Christmas parade canceled, other events still planned

South Milwaukee’s Old Fashioned Christmas Parade has been canceled for this year, and a lack of volunteers could endanger the celebration’s other activities, said Bob Pfeiffer, Old Fashioned Christmas Committee chairman.

“We just don’t have the money, nor do we have the volunteers to do (a parade),” Pfeiffer said.

Old Fashioned Christmas began about 10 years ago with family activities at City Hall. The parade became part of the festivities about five years ago, but weather and volunteer numbers have made it difficult to put on, Pfeiffer said.

Funding for Old Fashioned Christmas is provided entirely through contributions. The committee still has enough money for family activities, provided enough people volunteer to run them, Pfeiffer said.

“We’re going to use those funds, the little money we have left there, to put on the activities at City Hall, the tree lighting and fireworks,” Pfeiffer said.

There also will be crafts and food.

Don Bulley, a former parade Santa Claus and husband to the current Mrs. Claus, said it is sad to lose the parade.

“It was either that or cut out the rest of the program. There will still be a Santa Claus and a Mrs. Claus. We’re saving the most important part.”

This year’s celebration will be Sunday, Nov. 30, at City Hall, 2424 15th Ave. The committee has not yet set an exact time.

If enough money and volunteers can be found, Pfeiffer said, there could be a parade next year.

“We’ll probably need about $8,000 (for next year),” he said.

Mayor Thomas Zepecki said ongoing economic turbulence may continue to impact funding for events like Old Fashioned Christmas.

“It always depends on the amount of contributors and the ability and wherewithal of the private industry and commercial people to invest in those types of things,” Zepecki said. “Certainly you’re not going to put government money in it.”

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