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Santa’s Quarters – Christmas trees galore

When in 2005 black Christmas trees and upside-down Christmas trees became a big hit I was envious of those who could buy one. Living in a small town I have the choice between a natural, chopped Christmas tree and an artifical tree. Neither category holds much choice: it is either take or leave.

True, there are large chains that also sell artifical Christmas trees via the web but they have two drawbacks. One, quality is often questionable. Something you can see for yourself in store (“this thing looks plastic”) but will only experience firsthand once your web order is delivered and you’re stuck with it. Second, these chains ship only from and to the USA.

Then the other day I was contacted by Santa’s Quarters, a site specialised in artificial Christmas trees and home and commercial indoor and outdoor Christmas decoration. They’ve been around for 30 years and ship anywhere as long as it is on this planet.

My interest naturally went out to their selection of artificial Christmas trees. The section is divided into 9 categories: Ultra Realistic Artificial Christmas Trees, Traditional Artificial Christmas Trees, Flocked Artificial Christmas Trees, Frosted Christmas Trees, Colored Artificial Christmas Trees, Upside Down Christmas Trees, Giant Artificial Christmas Trees (especially suited for commercial application), Alpine Trees and Artificial Potted Trees and Topiaries.

Each category holds several trees and each tree comes in several sizes. Sizes can begin as low as 3 feet while other trees start at 10 feet. It all depends.

Browsing the catalog is easy with small images, about 150 pixels, showing you the trees. When you click on an item you go to the detail page which features a larger image of the tree, giving you a really good idea of the overall look. What I like a lot is that most trees have at least one additional photo; a large close-up one. It’s that kind of “up close” experience I’m looking for to really “inspect” my new tree.

Most trees come with lights installed. Kind of smart, I think.

Browsing the artificial trees section it is obvious that Santa’s Quarters is a specialised shop. They know their niche, they know what works, they know their materials and products. For example, from their flocked trees collection, take a look at the North Pole fir. This is really, really well done. By the way, they say that if you like the tree with a little bit less snow, to go for a frosted tree instead.

And yes, Santa’s Quarters also has my coveted black Christmas tree and upside down Christmas tree. Now I only have to figure out which one it will be this year…

The above is a sponsored review. The outcome of the review has no influence on payment.