When should I send my Christmas package from Canada?


The absolute latest dates by which you should send your Christmas packages from Canada to other destinations.

How To Make Your Own Christmas Traditions


With so many things of old no longer valid, what can we do today to experience authentic Christmas traditions?

Simple, effective way to establish true Christmas traditions in your family.

Setting Up Christmas Without Mess Or Stress [Organizing]


Whether you’re already organized with the Joy of Christmas setup or not, following this Christmas setup timeline will have you joyfully flow into the holidays instead of suddenly stress there.

What is Christmas Joy?


What’s the real Joy of Christmas? Is there such a thing? If you had to answer the question, would you be honest or throw out a platitude?

A frank look on what is true Christmas joy these days.

Using a Christmas gift buy list


Turning the principle of a Christmas Wish List upside down, the Christmas Gift Buy List is a list of gifts you’ve bought over the year. At any time, be it Christmas or a birthday, you can assign a gift to someone — or you can already write down whom the gift is for.

Find out how this easy technique works and how it saves you money and time.

How To Finish Christmas Gift Shopping On Time [Organizing Christmas]

Months before Christmas we start to shop — forgetting that months before actually means just a couple of weekends.

Learn how to shop for Christmas taking into account just a couple of trips to the stores. Bonus: get the gifts no-one sees in store!

Putting Your Christmas Things Away [Organizing]

Once easy and quickly organized as you had just a few things, Christmas is growing above your head *AND* grows larger than your home.

How to organize your Christmas decorations and belongings in such a way that setting up for Christmas and cleaning up after it is a no-brainer quick & easy?

Sharks To Listen To Christmas Songs

At times Christmas is serious and hard work, as is the case for the scientists at a seq aquarium in the UK. They’ll have to sit through hours upon hours of Christmas music, from popular to traditional, to observe how sharks reacts to it.

Dad Places 35ft Christmas Tree in 16ft House

Wanting to give his three sons a Christmas they would never forget, 35 year old dad acted on last year’s “the tree’s too small” complaint by placing a 35 ft Christmas tree in his 16ft house.

Firefighters needed to help placing the star on top.

Woman asked to take down Christmas lights to avoid offending neighbors

In what appears to have been an overly eager, preventive politically correct action, a uniformed housing association official demanded a woman removed her outside Christmas decorations, including Christmas lights, so as to not offend her neighbors.

Town officials call the action a 20 year step back in race relations.

Macy’s Christmas Displays: a PT Barnum Invention

when PT Barnum and Macy met each other in 1860s it was Barnum who suggested Macy to take out the special collection of toys around Christmastime and put them in the store’s window displays instead.

Macy followed up on the idea and we’ll know the result. I went in 1924 the Thanksgiving parade started, the tradition only got bigger and better.

Santa Claus Makes Secret Visit To Elementary School

Our investigative reporters were on the scene yesterday when Tampa police and fire crews escorted Santa Claus with full honors through town on his way to a surprise visit at an elementary school.

He handed out gifts and took time to read some Christmas stories to the children.

Caroling Girl Scouts Banned For Being “Health and Safety Risk”

A 10 year tradition has come to an abrupt end when a girl scouts division was told commercial stalls around a Christmas tree take up so much space that including the caroling girls would be a “health and safety risk”

And for them there was no place… We’ve heard that before, right?

Christmas: Andy Parks DOES Keep It All The Year!

Andy Parks has earned, earned I tell you, the title Mr. Christmas.

Andy has been celebrating Christmas since 1994 — e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y. ! That includes a real Christmas dinner (everyday!) and sitting through the Queen’s Christmas speech (everyday!).

In the past 14 years Andy has gone through 117,600 sprouts, 94,080 pies, 204,400 crackers, 37 ovens, 23 video recorders and 235,206 Christmas cards.

A Child’s Birthday Wish Becomes A Christmas Tradition

How much did 3 year old Jacob really understand about his sister’s condition?

Did he know why they would have to make this the most special Christmas ever?

A heartwarming, true story of a family of Faith, standing together; of love and hope. And a Christmas tradition.

White Christmas Windows Increase Sales

In warm places it’s up to retailers to provide the visual clues that Christmas season is in the air.

Lacking any real change in weather, retailers call in the snow blowers to fake a White Christmas. Sound business strategy as winterized Christmas shopping windows tend to increase sales!

Police: Santa Violates City Code – Threatens Fine

In what can only be described as an unreal Kafka-esque situation, city code law enforcement officials in Daytona Beach threaten a shop with fines if their Santa Claus leaves the store.

The reason: once outside Santa is considered an “animated sign” — and that violates city code.

Free Christmas CD Single

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Free Christmas MP3’s (4)

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Free Christmas MP3’s to Download

Keeping that hearty feeling of the Christmas season we offer not one free mp3 Christmas song – nope, we flood you with 35 free Christmas music MP3’s. And of course 100% legal.

Hey, it’s Christmas: free MP3 downloads is the least we can do, right?!

U.S. Consumers Expect to Spend 11% Less on Christmas Gifts

Yup, thats true. With the recession a fact (remember those “no, no, it’s all going fine and you can’t call this a recession” folks? Well you can call this a recession!) everybody is turning everything down, way down. And that includes Christmas gift budgets.

Note that that 10% is an average. Poorer states and poorer people are wielding their budget knife much more aggressively…

Either case, folks, let’s not forget that we have our decorations and that Christmas is that cozy feeling: not an avalanche of gifts.

4 Christmas Shopping Saving Tips from the Consumer Expert

get maximum benefit from your Christmas dollar. simply applied these four tips and tricks from consumer expert Clark Howard.

You’ll be quite surprised, or at least I was, to learn for instance that the after Christmas sales are anything but. So when do those prices go down so you can start stocking for next year?